Welcome to the Raise Your BAR Strategic Planning Course. Let's find out what you need to get started!

Looking Back?

It's crucial to start by understanding where you have been.


We're taking a deep dive into your beliefs and how they effect your success


How to dream without your critic getting in the way!

FLOW Goals?

It's time to flow with your goals!


How do you consistently take action on your goals?

Self Sabotage?

How do you kill your momentum? How do you make it difficult for yourself to achieve success?


How do you keep the positive momentum going? How do you consistently achieve the best results?


How do you put it all together and make it work?
Loops & Spirals

How do we get into a rut and more importantly, how do we get out?  In this module, you’ll explore the beliefs that have been given to you throughout your life and how our beliefs can spiral us down.  You’ll also discover why SMART goals are so dumb!