Private: Business of Coaching School 2022
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I’m so excited!

This is the start of a new journey for you and it’s such an amazing time.

You may be feeling like I did when I first started my coaching business – OVERWHELMED with all the decisions I needed to make.

Do I rent an office? If I don’t rent an office, where will I coach? How can I afford to rent an office if I’ve just started? Or you may be in business already asking at what point do you hire my first full time employee?

What about my website? What should it say? How many pages does it need to have? I don’t know anything about SEO!

Do I advertise on Social Media? Which platform is best?

Where are my clients coming from?

What happens if I get sick?
and on, and on, and on

When I started, it was all I could do to keep up to date with my clients and my coaching. I really didn’t have time for anything else. And this is the BIGGEST MISTAKE coaches make. When you focus too much on working in your business, you forget about working on your business. This is why you’ve taken my challenge and are participating in the Business of Coaching School. I’m going to share with you all the ways of not making the same mistakes I did. I’m going to share with you my hard-earned lessons and all the shortcuts I’ve discovered by working on my business for a decade. And as we know as coaches, having a model helps us get to where we want to go faster. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

So let’s get started!

Your first assignment, before we get started on any of the modules, is to take stock of where you are now. Below are 3 questions. Get started with these 3 items first: Concerns, Looking Forward, and WHY!

PS – If you don’t have one already, I would get a notebook for this course so that you can collect all of your thoughts in one place.

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