Safeguarding Yourself from Others’ Sh!t


Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and not taken for granted. No human has the right to cross another human’s boundaries. The intention of this course is to prime you up to be ever ready in protecting yourself from other humans’ shit.

What Will I Learn?

  • Keep unnecessary drama out of your life.
  • Avoid taking on other humans’ problems.
  • Maintain harmonious relationships with other humans (of interest).
  • Positively assert, hold your ground and get other humans to respect your set limits.
  • All in all, safeguard yourself well from the other humans’ sh!t.

Topics for this course

7 Lessons01h 30m

Course Prelude?

• The Pain • The Promise • Introduction and Overview
Course Prelude00:08:37

Module 1: Problem Ownership?

• Concept of Problem Ownership • Who Owns the Problem? • Worksheet exercise • The Goal & the Strategy

Module 2: Rapport with other Humans?

• What is Rapport (and what it isn’t) • Building Rapport • More Ways to Build Rapport

Module 3: Helping Other Humans Deal with their Sh!t?

• Attending Skills • Reflectively Listening Skills • Questioning Skills

Module 4: Communicating Assertively with “I”-Style?

• 3 Focus Areas • Constructing “I” Messages

Module 5: Resolving Conflicts Amicably?

• Needs Conflict • Values Conflict


Quick recap of what was taught in the entire course.

About the instructor

Resilience Coach & Corporate Trainer | I help people capitalise their true identity and guide them to be the person they need to be to live their own story, while achieving what they truly want | I prime people to be unfuckwithable.
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Material Includes

  • Course videos by modules (online streaming only)
  • Worksheets - pdf documents


  • Willingness to open up to new perspectives.
  • Promise to self to be committed to learning for own good.
  • Follow the course sequentially from beginning to end.