Raise Your BAR Strategic Planning Course


Why don’t people succeed at their goals consistently?

Is it because of

  • Being overwhelmed by too much to do in too many different areas of their lives?
  • Boredom?
  • Other people are in the way of them succeeding?
  • Being sick, tired or just no energy?
  • Fear?
  • Being stuck in a plateau?
  • Self-doubt?
  • An unspecific outcome?
  • Lack of motivation?
  • Self-sabotage?

Not succeeding could be because of any of these, a combination of these or all of these! So how do you overcome them all?

The Raise Your BAR Strategic Planning Course is all about creating you own life plan with a system that overcomes all the obstacles to success that you may have experienced in the past.

Why is it so important to not only write your goals but to work at achieving them?

  1. It’s how the brain works! Our brain is a goal orientated machine. If you don’t use it to grow, it will deteriorate
  2. If we don’t know what we want out of life, there will be someone who knows what they want us to do and will get us to do it. Many people are living THEIR lives fulfilling OTHER PEOPLE’S goals
  3. Personal satisfaction and confidence. Remember achieving something that was not so easy to do? Remember the pride? Remember the self-esteem?

It’s time to start living your own life based on your own goals. This is YOUR journey and the Raise Your BAR Strategic Planning Course is here to get you to where you want to go faster and easier!

Don’t rely on SMART goals! They are dumb and they don’t give you a strategic plan to achieve what you want. Raise Your BAR does!

Be ready to take on 2022 with not only goals but a defined path on how to achieve them. Are you ready to make 2022 your best year ever?

What Will I Learn?

  • Get on track, stay on track and build a better YOU consistently
  • Overcome self sabotage
  • Eliminate other people's stuff hindering your success
  • Get a strategic action plan based on the TYPE of goal you have
  • Learn, grow, and expand your OWN journey in life, not those given to you by others

Topics for this course

18 Lessons


Welcome to the Raise Your BAR Strategic Planning Course. Let's find out what you need to get started!

Looking Back?

It's crucial to start by understanding where you have been.


We're taking a deep dive into your beliefs and how they effect your success


How to dream without your critic getting in the way!

FLOW Goals?

It's time to flow with your goals!


How do you consistently take action on your goals?

Self Sabotage?

How do you kill your momentum? How do you make it difficult for yourself to achieve success?


How do you keep the positive momentum going? How do you consistently achieve the best results?


How do you put it all together and make it work?

Going Forward?

How do you make the Raise Your BAR Strategic Planning System work for you year in and year out?

About the instructor

I'm a passionate NLP Trainer and Coach. I live, breathe and teach NLP to inspiring coaches, executives, organisations, communities and... well, basically anyone who will listen! I love to challenge people to be their best and love teaching them the skills of NLP to help them achieve this. Are you interested in building a better YOU? I've been coaching NLP for well over a decade and training for almost as long. I have advanced training in working with Depression & Anxiety as well as the integrated mind coaching called Multiple Brain Integration Therapy (mBIT). I'm also a trained facilitator & coach of the HeartMath® Resilience Advantage program for individuals and corporations. What can I help you with? What I offer 1-on-1 Coaching | Group NLP Training | 1-on-1 NLP Training | Corporate Training in Resilience, Communication, Productivity & NLP
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