NLP Practitioner Certification for Professionals

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About Course

Neuro Linguistic Programming teaches you the life skills that no one taught you growing up. With NLP you develop an ease with emotional control, an in-depth insight to how you think, behave and the tools to change what isn’t working.

“I believe if you’re at a point that you have some setbacks holding you from achievement of your full potential, NLP is great. AND NLP is great for folks who are doing well and want to go further and better. It applies to so many aspects of life that I believe it is a comprehensive program with many transferable learnings.” Anu, NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Coach, Mother of Two

“I would strongly recommend this NLP Practitioner Certification course to others because it is for me a way of living. The right way of living. We can build a better version of ourselves, overcoming all the limitations, improve the quality of our life.” Shanthi, Psychologist

People take NLP Certification for many reasons. Some take NLP to improve their communication. Some take it to improve at work or their financial situation. Others want to focus on a particular relationship. Some are just after better understanding and some want to bring out the best in themselves and others. And some people love to learn about the dynamics of human behavior and are curious to discover more. NLP has all of this!

What is NLP anyway?

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is best understood by dissecting its confusing name:

Neuro– referring to the brain and the nervous system. In NLP, a lot of the processes that you learn are based on the natural functioning of the brain, how it connects, how it uses plasticity, and how it interacts with the whole body.

Linguistic– meaning language both verbal and non verbal. The way we say things, what we say and what our physiology is all play a role in the way we communicate with ourselves and others. NLP helps a lot of relationship issues with its language techniques.

Programming– the way we have created habits, ways of thinking, of doing and of believing. Our programming has been influenced by our parents, the media, our culture, other significant members of our family as well as friends. Sometimes, a slight change in the strategy we are programmed to use in one area of our life can cause ripple effects over all of the areas of our life. NLP has the tools to start these ripples, rippling!

Taken together, NLP is about the programs that run our brain & nervous system, how these programs affect our communication, and the interconnection between all of them. For me, I describe NLP as the purposeful use of your mind’s power!

Science Digest reported that NLP “could be the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communication to emerge since the explosion of humanistic psychology… It may be the ultimate behavioral engineering tool.”

With NLP you can understand how you have been “programmed” and how to change programs that aren’t working for you or that hold you back. You can also identify the programs that work for you and map them across to other areas of your life. NLP is all about creating successful outcomes for you and for others by knowing more about these programs; how to change them, add more, and erase some. You become your own hacker in a very good way.

What else is NLP?

NLP is known worldwide as a toolbox of techniques that will get you to where you need to go.

“The techniques taught in the course, if applied, would bring about a positive change in terms of thinking, the way we speak, among others. A person can use it for his/her own good and put to professional use.” John, Solicitor

“I enjoyed many parts of this course; mainly the self-discovery parts.” Quirine, HR Executive

“Everything worked for me. I liked, in fact I loved every element of this course.” Shanthi, Psychologist

“I came with a blank mind, got to know starting from the ABC of NLP. I see “NLP” in my everyday life. Everyone must be a part of NLP for an easy, happy, healthy life.” Yuki, Sales Assistant

“The insights & techniques are hugely beneficial to the way I think, choose, act – all of which would in my mind be useful to others.” Martin, VP Human Resource

Fix whatever it is once and for all
You’ll get the tools & techniques to solve your problems quickly and consistently

You’ll change the programs & strategies that aren’t working for you
as well as learn how to help other people change theirs

You’ll start creating a purposeful life where you are the architect and builder of your dreams

And you’ll live that life abundantly!


You’ll see your world through the lens of NLP!
And that’s a pretty amazing view.

I invite you to explore what an NLP Certification can do for you…

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What Will You Learn?

  • You'll get the tools & techniques to solve your problems quickly and consistently
  • You'll change the programs & strategies that aren't working for you
  • You'll start creating a purposeful life where you are the architect and builder of your dreams
  • And you'll live that life abundantly!

Course Content


  • Welcome to the NLP Practitioner Course!
  • Derren Brown Video – Ethical Use of NLP Exercise
  • NLP Course Outcome Assignment

All in the Mind

Learning Levels & Learning State




History of NLP


Sensory Systems

Representational Systems

Sensory Accessing Cues

Eye Accessing Cues

Sensory Acuity

Rapport Intro

Rapport VEGES



Anchoring Exercises




Strategy Exercises

Neurological Levels

Hierarchy of Ideas



Perceptual Positions





Milton Model


Belief Change

Trauma Cure

Future Goal

Course Recap

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