NLP Master Practitioner & Coaching Certification for Professionals

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Mastery = Integration

The NLP Master Practitioner puts all of the pieces of the puzzle together. In the Practitioner, you learned different tools such as anchoring, submodalities and change work. Now, as a Master Practitioner, you will work with those tools in combination with each other. It’s like having a hammer that also is a screw driver. Master Practitioner cements the knowledge learned in the Practitioner Certification and combines different aspects of that knowledge to create an even greater number of success tools. You then begin to practice those tools on helping others solve their problems, change their map of the world and lead extraordinary lives.

At the All in the Mind NLP Master Practitioner you will walk away with a NLP worldwide Certification as a Master Practitioner and NLP Coach. Not all courses give you both certifications. This is the advantage to taking the full course.

“Please don’t be swayed by the short duration of time (in other courses). The concept of NLP can be handed out as a book or handout, however, the critical aspect of 18-day training is the in-depth knowledge via experiencing all the techniques by being guided and by guiding others. Reading a book about mountaineering or seeing a video does not make you a capable mountaineer. Practicing under expert professional guidance does.” Anu Rudra, Mother of 2 Lovely Girls, NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Coach

In this Master Practitioner Certification you will:

▶︎Practice your coaching skills to assist others with their problems and open their map of the world. These sills are essential for leaders, managers, parents, sales people as well as coaches & trainers

▶︎Master more NLP techniques to eliminate negative behaviours, stuck strategies, and unwanted fears

▶︎Integrate your NLP skills completely by working on live case studies (YES! – real people with real problems) with your experienced trainer by your side

In this Master Practitioner, the training is focused in 3 areas:


It’s one thing to be aware of your negative thoughts or limiting beliefs, it’s another thing to be able to instantly change them on the spot. Wouldn’t it be great to stop a bad habit or repetitive thought? This is mind transformations! Mastery brings speed


You’ll be able to reframe any meaning of any situation to create more powerful responses from yourself as well as others. You’ll live in a world where other people’s dramas don’t exist and your own dramas are a thing of the past. Mastery brings flexibility


Overcome any past negative experience while creating the future exactly the way you want it. Connect with your environment, behaviors, capabilities, beliefs & values and who you are – who you TRULY are – as an integrated person. Mastery brings connection

Here’s what some of my trainees have said about this course:

“The fun was that everyone participated with wanting to learn, everyone was warm and caring. The positive aspect was that I continue to learn and enjoyed the different topics. Thought provoking – everything was thought provoking. My mind was continuously stimulated.” Niki, Reiki Master Teacher, NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Coach

“I enjoyed all the language techniques and problem ownership sections very much.” Viji, MBA, HR Consultant, NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Coach

“Master Practitioner Course for me was enjoyable as I felt all the techniques learnt during Practitioner came together as a whole. While Basic Prac seemed like a solid foundation & blueprint of a building being constructed, Master Prac was the completion of that building and seeing how awesome it turned out….Thank you for being the committed trainer that you are! You are so thorough, dedicated and passionate. NLP Master Prac is, as you rightly said, not a walk in the park. I remind myself of that over and over. That is why I am feeling a tremendous sense of achievement today. The journey I started in (NLP Practitioner) has culminated today and yet another journey is only just beginning. That of *being* Master Practitioner and Coach. The journey can only take me (and others who go on this journey with me) *onward and upwards!*” Anu, Mother of Two Lovely Girls, NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Coach

Whether you are mastering how your mind can be re-programmed or how you can create the meaning in any situation, how to help others overcome their stuff or how you congruently connect to yourself and others, Master Practitioner brings all the pieces together.

Why train with me and not some other company in Singapore or in Asia?

NLP is my passion! My passion is also my expertise. Not only am I’m an International Association of NLP Certified NLP Trainer, I’m also a practicing NLP Coach. I work with clients on a regular basis which keeps my knowledge of NLP fresh. Don’t you want to learn how to coach from someone who is currently a coach? Makes sense, right?

I also attend industry conferences in New Zealand, Australia, London and the USA. Locally, I consistently conduct NLP Practice Sessions through my position as the President of the NLP Association. And my Master Practitioners have the ability to practice their NLP Training skills at the NLP Association sessions as well! I have also trained NLP in government institutions and private companies. I was the lead presenter for the worldwide 2015 NLP Mindfest with over 250,000 participants.

I’m here to support you in your training face-to-face whether that is in person or online via Zoom calls.

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Course Content

NLP Master Practitioner & Coaching Overview

  • Let’s get started!
  • SPECIFY Your Course Goals Exercise

Rapport & Other Prac Stuff

Advanced Communication

Helping Skills

Assertive Skills

Conflict Managment

Sleight of Mouth

Reversing Presuppositions

Cartesian Coordinates & Quantum Linguistics


Complex Metaprograms

Disney Strategy


Your Presentation Exam

Metaphors in Training

Satir Body Language

Pace & Lead Marketing


Patterns of Chronicity

Advanced Values

Advanced Strategies

Personal Strengths

Ethics, Supervision & Referals

Personality Problems

Health & Healing

Social Panorama

Core Transformations

Aligning Perceptual Positions

Compulsion Blowout

Advanced Hypnosis & Trance

Orchestrating the Matrix

Other NLP Models

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