Human Side of Project Management


You know how a lot of Project Managers struggle communicating with team members and stakeholders, and to get them to do things to meet project milestones. That’s because dealing with the human side is complicated because each individual is different from the rest and it’s not easy to know what goes on inside their head. Well, in our HSPM course, we teach project managers about understanding other humans and how to communicate with them in a way that’s best for them. We also teach many influencing skills that help project managers to get work done with these humans so that they can meet their project timelines consistently.

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Your Brain, Your Programs and What Works for Project Management1:15:38

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I'm a passionate NLP Trainer and Coach. I live, breathe and teach NLP to inspiring coaches, executives, organisations, communities and... well, basically anyone who will listen! I love to challenge people to be their best and love teaching them the skills of NLP to help them achieve this. Are you interested in building a better YOU? I've been coaching NLP for well over a decade and training for almost as long. I have advanced training in working with Depression & Anxiety as well as the integrated mind coaching called Multiple Brain Integration Therapy (mBIT). I'm also a trained facilitator & coach of the HeartMath® Resilience Advantage program for individuals and corporations. What can I help you with? What I offer 1-on-1 Coaching | Group NLP Training | 1-on-1 NLP Training | Corporate Training in Resilience, Communication, Productivity & NLP
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Resilience Coach & Corporate Trainer | I help people capitalise their true identity and guide them to be the person they need to be to live their own story, while achieving what they truly want | I prime people to be unfuckwithable.
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