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The other day, someone contacted me to work as a coach with a company that is based in the USA. I was thrilled that the referral thought so highly of me and at the same time I was devastated to say, “I’m sorry, I’m actually completely booked for the next 6 months.” I wasn’t joking. I wasn’t exaggerating. I was booked solid! Is that you? Is that the kind of coaching business you have? If not, you’ve come to the right place!

How do you make it as a coach? It doesn’t matter if you’re a life coach, a career coach, an executive coach, a performance coach, a financial coach, a personal trainer or an image consultant, the BUSINESS of Coaching is a skill set you need to master if you’re going to thrive as a coach.

Most coaching schools don’t teach you how to be an entrepreneur they teach you how to be a coach. They don’t teach you how to succeed as a business owner. And seeing that most entrepreneurs fail – if you want to make a living as a coach – you MUST learn these skills.

You can do it like I did it, by trial and error and take 10 years mastering your own skill set, or you can take this short-cut.

These skills I’m going to present to you in this 10-week course are the ones you need to be a successful business owner. It’s up to you to learn and practice them. Once you do, though, you’ve set yourself up for a lifetime of success!

Think about it –

What other industry do you know where you can continue doing what you do into your 70’s or 80’s if you feel the urge to do so? You will be a guru by then AND you can have a business that supports you in the lifestyle you wish to have.

What other industry can you work from home with clients from around the world? Fancy traveling yourself? With a successful coaching business, you can pay for your holiday with a few clients wherever you’re going.

To be able to do this though, you need to make sure you are running a business rather than just a having a hobby that pays you every now and then. Hobbies are nice to have and businesses are sometimes not nice to have. You must be committed. You must have tenacity. You must be ready for the ups and downs that come along with building something of value.

“The first and most important factor in building a successful business is that you have to love it.” Darren Hardy, The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster

You love helping others right? That’s why you started coaching in the first place. It wasn’t just because coaching has a really great paycheck. You got into coaching because there are people out there that need the skill you have. They need your help! They need your guidance! They need you! And you love helping others, don’t you? Don’t let your clients down by stumbling in your business and failing to be successful. Honour your client’s decision to hire YOU of all the coaches in the world and give them something to RAVE about!

The Business of Coaching School is where you learn to turn your passion into possibilities!

Here’s what the Business of Coaching School has in store for you:

Week 1 – 4 Things That Will Make You Fail as a Coach
It sounds simple to run a business and yet this is where a lot of coaches struggle. Some have problems with coaching people on stuff they haven’t mastered themselves so they feel like a fraud. Some coaches haven’t actually done work on themselves so they can’t model healthy behaviour for their clients. Some coaches don’t understand what specifically they are selling other than “coaching.” There are more pitfalls to being successful as a coach than most people know. Are you suited to be successful running a coaching business? This week is all about getting clear with your intentions.

Week 2 – Introduction to Marketing – Strategies You Don’t Know
If you’re already in business, you may have a niche market that is working for you and maybe it’s not. Maybe you’d like to expand your market reach. Some coaches haven’t really started yet and can’t sort out their target market. Wherever you are, in this week you’ll understand how niche marketing works and doesn’t work for some business owners and what to do about it. This week is all about understanding marketing better.

Week 3 – Attract Traffic & Capture Leads
Get your marketing to do the work for you! By setting up your system to attract traffic and capture leads, you will do far less work being a “salesperson” for your business. If you’re like me and the thought of selling makes you sick, then you’ll love how you can get your marketing to do 80%+ of the work for you. This week is all about getting serious about your business.

Week 4 – Nurture Prospects & Convert Sales
It’s time to get serious. You will create a product to offer your prospects and build the customer’s journey and that product from beginning to end. You’ll be guided through a 6-step process of how to make this overwhelming task seem like a casual walk in the park. Even more important, it’s fast & easy to duplicate for other offers! This week is all about creating your offer and the client’s journey.

Week 5 – Deliver & Satisfy
Right in the middle of the course, we come to the easiest week of all. You already know how to be an excellent coach. Let’s show your clients how amazing you are by having a process in place to WOW your clients. We will be focusing on the entire client journey so get ready to think about value adds. This week is all about loving our clients to pieces.

Week 6 – Upselling
Now that your clients love you, what else can you offer them? This is the single most important part of being successful in business, running your “stay close to the money” marketing strategy. This week is all about making your life easy as a coach.

Week 7 – Raging Fans
Let’s make your life even easier with some raging fans. When people love you, when they respect you, when they trust you, they do the marketing for you. And they are happy to do it. Find out how to create a holy grail experience for your raging fans. This week is all leveraging your loyal clients.

Week 8 – Asset Inventory
Most coaches think of themselves as the only real “asset” for their coaching business. It’s you and your skills that people pay for, right? That is completely WRONG! Knowing what you’re assets are, having a clear inventory and system of organization for them is essential for a coach to thrive effortlessly. You can keep re-creating the wheel with each and every client or you can have assets that last a lifetime and can be sold. This week is all about taking inventory and finding out what’s missing.

Week 9 – Scaling Your Business with Product Focused Marketing
If you’re already in business, this will be a very important week for you. Some coaches haven’t understood how to stop trading hours for dollars, how to get the most money for the hours they have or how to make 1-on-1 coaching less of their total working time. If you haven’t been in business very long, then this is the week you understand how to do it right from the beginning. To create a lifestyle business that grows and develops naturally, you need to have a system of development. This week is all about long-term goals.

Week 10 – Systems to Success & Wrap Up
Business systems are the key to success and without them, you cannot leverage your business. Coaches that don’t have systems in place can’t hire people to take over simple tasks and cannot walk away from their business and have someone else run it while they sit on a beach or hike a mountain. This week is all about creating successful habits.

If you’re looking at some of this content and saying to yourself, “I have no idea what that means” then you definitely need to join in! A successful business owner will have all of these things in place and much more! In these 10 weeks, you will catapult your business to new heights just by staying focused and action oriented on these core skills.

What to expect:

Before the course begins, I’ll have a 30-minute coaching call with you to touch base and answer any questions that you may have about the course. For some people who are looking for specific assistance in their coaching business, I can direct them to certain materials and content within the course so they can focus their efforts on the areas with the biggest impact for their goals.

➤ Join in on the WhatsApp group discussions to meet fellow participants. It’s best that you have an accountability partner during the course though it isn’t required.

Each week you’ll receive a link to the video training on the topic of the week. This training is recorded so you can start, stop and jump around at your convenience. You can also go back to the recordings and listen to them any time you want – you have access for a full year

After the training each week, you’ll see a series of action steps to work on. The action steps will take you deeper into the course content. Your goal is to give 100% and get your action steps done so you’re ready for the next section.

➤ Each week you’ll have a coaching call with me LIVE to answer any questions as well as to check your progress with the challenges.

➤ The training videos with action steps will continue for 7 weeks with a break to allow everyone to catch up on the action steps. The course will continue with weeks 8, 9 & 10 to round out the full training. At the end of the course, I’ll touch base with everyone on the course via individual, 30-minute, follow up calls to ensure your road to success is set.

At all times you have email/WhatsApp access to me, personally. If you have questions or need help, just reach out.


Why not just take another course that teaches you how to run a business?

Because this is a course for COACHES guided by someone who has “been there, done that.” Every example, every story, every case study will be about the business you’ve chosen to be in. It’s very focused!

Why now? Why not wait until after you’ve run your business for awhile to see how successful you can be on your own?

Because later you are going to have to pay the rent, and the bills, and be busy working IN your business instead of ON your business. Later isn’t the time to decide you don’t have the time nor the money to invest in learning what you need to learn to be successful. If you’re already struggling, you know what I mean. You know how important cash flow is. You know how important a lead generation system is. You might be really wishing you had one right about now. It’s really painful later.

Are you ready to get started?

The Business of Coaching School is priced at S$3,000 for the 10-week training program, in depth videos, 10 live Q&A sessions, action assignments, tons of extra resources and 2 personal coaching calls. For me, S$3,000 is a little more than 1 client’s worth. Would you be willing to pay this amount to learn how to create 2, 3 or 4 new clients? 10 clients? How about a hundred clients?

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What Will You Learn?

  • Get a complete blueprint of how to run your coaching business
  • Feel confident about your priorities and how to spend your precious time
  • Focus on what really matters in running a business
  • Leverage your knowledge to get more out of your time

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